Frequently asked questions

q – what is the advantage of purchasing belgian linen?

a – the belgian linen certification we illustrate on our website is the ultimate proof of quality, it is the finest linen in the world. the unique climate and expertise of the belgian artisan's guarantee a superior quality. manufactured to high quality and high environmental standards. please refer to for further information.

q – can i purchase fabric by the metre

a – yes you can. please call 0845 257 9070 or email for further assistance.

q – what does the european adapter plug look like and will it fit a uk plug socket.

a – yes the adapter plug will fit a uk plug socket - see image below


q – do you deliver outside mainland uk.

a – yes we do. please call 0845 257 9070 or email for further assistance.


Q – I would like a different size sofa to the one you have on your website.

A – We do offer a service where you can specify the length only of one of our sofa's, poufs or Chaise Longue. Prices will vary. Please call 0845 257 9070 or email for further assistance.

Q – What is the difference between a fixed cover and a loose cover?

A – A loose cover is a practical alternative to a fixed cover. A loose cover can be easily removed and dry cleaned with the advantage that you can change the colour of your upholstery with a replacement cover. A loose cover has a more relaxed, less formal appearance which adds softness and comfort to a room, you get a creased, lived in feel that makes Linen so fabulous!

A - A fixed cover is tailored to the upholstery and more formal in appearance. It cannot be removced for cleaning, but can be professionally cleaned in situ. 

Q – I have a question about one of your products.

A – Please email your question to

Q – English is not my native language and I would prefer to speak to someone who speaks Dutch or French?

A – This is not a problem please contact Barbara with your question to

Q – I live outside mainland UK can I pay using Euro's?

A – Euro orders are most welcome. Please contact 0044 (0) 845 257 9070 from outside the UK or 0845 257 9070 from the UK or email

Q – I am a professional and specify furniture to the end user.  Do you offer a trade discount?

A – Yes we offer trade discount to professionals. Please contact to discuss your application.

Q – what is a stonewashed finish?

A – Stone washing is a manufacturing process used to create an aged and shabby appearance. The process of using large stones to roughen up the linen helps increase the softness and loosens the weave, giving you more flexibility of the material. The linen is washed in large cloyhes washers with large stones and as the washer rotates the cloth fibres are repeatedly pounded and beaten as the tumbling stones ride up the paddles inside the drum and fall back down onto the fabric.